CREATIVE Disc Brake Hubs

The CREATIVE Disc Brake hubs are the pinnacle of value for money.

With an extremely impressive weight of just 320g, they make a very light wheelset.

Utilising 27 points of engagement in a 4 pawl freehub design.

Bearing specs :

NBK Bearings

Front hub – 2x 6803

Rear hub – 4x 15267

CREATIVE Rim Brake Hubs

Our CREATIVE Rim Brake hubs provide a similar impressive weight of 300g

The same 27t engagement and 4 pawl freehub system

Bearing specs :

NBK Bearings

Front hub – 2x 699

Rear hub – 2x 15267 2x 6802

CREATIVE SL Disc Brake Hubs

Our CREATIVE SL hubs are an example of precise high end engineering with a focus on bringing the lightest hub to the market, without compromising on quality or performance.

Weighing an astonishing 230g, and boasting 21 spokes front and rear to save even more weight.

These are a perfect example of a weight weenie hub.

A 3 pawl freehub system with 27 points of engagement is used.

Bearing specs:

TPI Bearing

Front hub – 2x 6802 

Rear Hub – 3x 6802, 1x 6902 

CeramicSpeed bearing upgrade available



Creative Carbon Wheels

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